With Larry Trumble, President of South Arm Construction, being a pilot, we have a special and unique kind of knowledge of the features that can make airport facilities more efficient. Because of this, we have become known as experts in this area. We take great pride in that recognition and, as a result, are the “go-to-guy” when it comes to the design and construction of airport facilities throughout Northern Michigan.

Additionally, we have built approximately 70 aircraft hangars – both wood post and steel framing – throughout Michigan, and we have installed, repaired, and adjusted large hangar doors as well. For example, the hangars we have built range from approximately 40′ x 30′ (1,200 square feet) up to a 165′ x 145′ (23,925 square feet) large airline hangar with a 120′ wide by 31′ high door.

While utilizing our President’s experience as a pilot and our team’s experience in this industry, we have assisted with the design and engineering as well as the complete construction of every structure that goes into airport facilities design, including:

  • Airport terminal buildings (small to medium sizes)
  • Airport maintenance buildings
  • Snowplow buildings
  • Emergency vehicle buildings
  • Maintenance vehicle buildings

Finally, we have also performed the winterization of airport hangars, too.

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